Foreign exchange & Payments

A team that specializes in foreign exchange combined with a portfolio of digital payments solutions, covering the onboarding process all the way to the end of your transaction.

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Your company in the future of the FX market




Cross-border solutions

Benchmark and security

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A complete portfolio for Payments and Cross-border solutions

Expertise combined with a full portfolio of payments

You can rely on our 40-years of expertise in the foreign exchange market, combined with a team of FX and digital payment experts to bring scalability to your business.

APIs - Foreign Exchange

In an increasingly connected world, our API solutions stand out. Developed to meet the ever-changing demands of payments facilitators and ensure efficient and adaptable integrations, our APIs making every transaction smarter and faster.

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PIX integration

The Brazilian market awaits, and we can get you there. Out direct integration with PIX, the Brazilian instant payment system, makes financial transactions simpler by providing speed, security, and innovation with every operation. Be at the forefront of the market with the speed and efficiency only PIX can offer.

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Digital platforms

Our commitment to technology is made evident in our digital platforms. Created to provide you with a clear overview of foreign exchange operations in real time, our platforms combine an intuitive interface with advanced features and complete transparency, giving you more control over your company.

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Services for eFX - Facilitators

We also offer eFX solutions – digital services for international payments and transfers. We reduced the bureaucracy and streamlined the process for companies needing to make shipments abroad, ensuring efficiency and practicality with every transaction.

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Payment shippers

For payment shippers, we offer solutions that speed up and simplify the process of sending and receiving payments around the world. Our expertise in foreign exchange combined with advanced technological solutions ensure safe, fast and transparent operations, connecting you directly to the global market.

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Tailor Made Solutions

Haven’t found the service you need? Don’t worry! We create completely personalized, tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of every client. If your company is looking for efficiency and convenience in international transfers but don’t feel represented in traditional categories, we are the ideal partner for you. Our customized service ensures that every transaction reflects the specific requirements and priorities of your business.

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The most complete ebook on
FX & Payments

In the e-book"FX & Payments," you will find everything from basic concepts tospecifics about eFX and the main responsibilities of this area, and how we canhelp you scale your business with agility and technology.

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Aviso importante

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Em caso de dúvidas, entre em contato conosco: 0800-771-4342 ou (11) 4081-4444

O Banco Ourinvest é membro SWIFT GPI e está de acordo com todas diretrizes do Global Payments Innovation, assim como todos os departamentos estão em linha para o universal confirmations.